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Sector Six Bulk Order Program

The Bulk Order Program

Do you need more than just a handful of shirts or hoodies? We can help you out. This program focuses on larger orders of shirts, hoodies, hats or just about anything that you might need to purchase in bulk. The process is simple, fill out this form ( and we will quote you based on what you need! Upon purchase of the bulk order, we will produce and ship directly to your door and we will keep all of your designs on file should you need to order again.

What is the Bulk Program good for?

Promotional Items

Do you want to go to an event and make a statement? We offer a wide range of items you can use to giveaway to potential fans at a live event.

Inventory Stocking

Do you have a large team or are you consistently growing? This will allow you to save some money by purchasing and stocking everything you need for when you bring on your next member.


Are you looking to run your merchandise through your own store front? This will allow you to get the most profitable price per garment and then you set your own profit margins on your end.


Its better to have a ton of product to giveaway instead of always needing to pay a premium to produce something one at a time and then wait to have it shipped to the winner. This will allow for you to get items out next day! 

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